When can you expect to see those gains?

With the launch of the new Armageddon Arm Workout on the StrongBody App, you are probably wondering when you can expect to see those gains. Well, we have you covered! Check out our progression break down to find out when you should expect to see your guns growing! There is nothing more exciting than seeing your progress. Snap a few photos and refer back to them every so often to see how far you have come!

Strength Body weight gain (Recommended)
Beginner Should see changes on a weekly basis 0.75 -1.23% per month
Intermediate Gains Noticeable after 1-3 months 0.5 – 1.0% per month
Advanced Gains should be noticeable after 3-6 months 0.25 – 0.5% per month

Don’t forget your recovery

One of the most vital parts of strength training is the recovery. If you allow your body to recover properly after a good strength training workout, you will be set to push yourself to optimum gaining capacity in your next session. Allowing your body to recover adequately will also help prevent any injuries going forward.

Here are some top tips for recovery after your Armageddon workout with Mark Robinson:

  • Hydrate with electrolytes and water

  • Get your protein

Whether you’re a morning or afternoon gym person, you want to ensure you are getting all the protein you need to help repair your cell tissue. If you’re a morning person, try a smoothie with some added protein powder. If you’re an evening/ afternoon person, make sure you’re getting enough lean meat or legumes in your dinner.

  • Warm-up and cool down

Using a foam roller to ease out tension in the muscles or doing some yoga stretches by Alex are both perfect methods of cooling down. Circular movements back and forth with your arms outward at a horizontal level can be an easy warm-up. Otherwise, grab some gloves and try giving a boxing bag a few punches to get that blood flowing.

  • Reduce inflammation

If you have done a tough session, there is a high chance you have some micro damage to your muscles. Make sure you are reducing the swelling and inflammation for a speedy recovery.  Try an ice-bath or take some anti-inflammatory supplements.

  • Breathe

Focusing on your breath and allowing your body to get enough oxygen is also very important for recovery and muscle growth.

For more tips on weight training, check out Weight Training Advice From Australia’s Finest Fitness Experts’.

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