Strategizing is Key

Do you catch yourself daydreaming about a dream job, new car or lean body? We all tend to have an idealised vision of a ‘perfect life’ in our mind but somehow manage to convince ourselves that everything we desire is out of reach and just that – a dream. Almost everyone sets goals in their everyday life, whether they realise it or not. The difference between those that are successful in achieving goals and those that aren’t is that the successful act on these thoughts and implement strategies or goal setting techniques to reach their goals. 

The reality of attaining your desired body or dream house has become as far-fetched as an Alice in Wonderland meets Harry Potter parody in today’s society. This is not due to the affliction that achieving ‘unattainable goals’ is not possible but merely underestimation of the importance of strategizing to accomplish these goals. 


If you are stuck in “I wish I could have that body” limbo, we are here to help! Follow these steps and kick Mr doubt to the curb. The beauty of goal strategising is that these practices can be implemented in all aspects of your life, not only achieving your strongest body!


The describes a goal as “an observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed time frame.”


Goal Setting 101:

 Be Passionate 

  • It is essential that the goals you are setting resonate with you. You need to make sure your goals are what you want and desire not what your girlfriend/boyfriend, parents, best friend or society has, or thinks is best for you. The more passion you have, the more drive you will have to achieve it. 

 Write it down 

  • The power of writing down your goals and revising them at least once a day can be priceless. You can even go one step further and create a visual achievement board. By visually looking at your goals every day, your brain will start to rewire your neurons around these images as it will acknowledge them as a priority. 

 Make sure your goals are SMART


For example, when training, don’t just a say you want a ‘better body’. Put the specific measurements you want to reach, body fat % or muscle mass % depending on what you want to achieve.  


Create a timeline of measurable aspects that indicate how far or close you are to achieving your goal. 


Make sure your goal is realistic. For example, losing 10kgs in one week is not realistic as you will be forfeiting your health to achieve the goal. 


Keep all your goals relevant to your circumstance and to your life goal.


Have a deadline for each goal to keep yourself accountable. 

Reward Yourself

Deadlines also mean you have an opportunity to reward yourself once you have achieved your goal. Be sure to reward yourself with something tangible that does not hinder your progress. For example, getting a massage is a better reward than allowing yourself to binge out on alcohol or junk food. To combat bingeing, try adding treats to your diet plan. Remember it is all about portion control. Be vigilant and stay away from processed and refined treats – there are many healthier raw organic options out there! 


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Until next time StrongBody Warriors,

Happy Goal Setting!