The Monday Blues

After having a weekend filled with fun, sun, wine, and cheese, the Monday blues start to kick in and of course the guilt from excessive food consumption and not enough exercise. Somehow you manage to convince yourself that a fad diet or juice cleanse is the answer to make up for the weekend binge. Feeling giddy and excited about getting back to your finest, because let’s be honest there’s just no other option, you retreat to your good old friends –Fresh Juice, Green Juice, wellness living, Wellness eating the greens.

Monday is here, and you feel great about the fresh start. You’re prepared and ready to ingest some wholesome collard greens. Tuesday comes around and the motivation to swallow another nutrition-packed green juice isn’t quite at its peak anymore but the weekend over-indulgence still lingers in the back of your mind. Wednesday creeps up faster than you imagined. The turbulence of your contemporary lifestyle starts to kick in, and the last thing on your mind is enjoying the taste of another damn green! Goodbye Monday motivation and hello life.

Yes, greens make us feel good both inside and out, so we most definitely need them in our weekly nutrition routine, but how do we balance life, health, and the occasional fun-filled weekend?

Well, you have come to the right place. Here are my top ten tips on consistency and balance to maintain a WELLNESS packed eating routine:

1. Plan your weekly meals:

Try to get a weekly meal planner or write out your weekly meals on a post-it note so that you can buy all the salad, fruits and vegetables needed for creating these lovely meals during the week. The post-it notes will save you time and money when you’re at the supermarket.

2. Variety:

Make sure you include lots of different fruits, vegetables, meats (if you eat meat) as well as various forms of carbohydrates and fats in all your meals! Eating the same thing every day, week in, and week out will only slow down your metabolism, and we want that to be on fire!


3. Spice up your life:

Sometimes you can completely change the taste of a meal by the spices that you choose to add! turmeric, paprika, chilli powder, salt, pepper, and curcumin are my go-to spices. I even add them in when I’m just sauteeing up some mushrooms to go with my morning eggs and spinach.

4. Get your greens in early:

There is nothing worse than getting to the end of the day and realising that you have only had one fruit or vegetable. Try to include at least one fruit or vegetable at breakfast, one at morning snack, two at lunch, one as an afternoon snack, and two at dinner. This is a great way to balance out your greens or veggies. My favourite go-to greens are spinach, avocado, and broccoli.

5. Balance each meal:

As well as having lots of variety, it’s great to balance out each meal or snack. Making sure that each bite has the right balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fats will stop blood sugar spikes and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

6. Choose foods that you love.

Choosing foods that you love is going to provide you with much more motivation and joy when eating, don’t pick out things that you think are just okay or that you don’t like, we only get one life – enjoy it!

7. Be treatwise:

I often go along with the 80/20 or 70/30 rule most days, and that’s to eat well for 80% of the time but have my favourite treats 20% of the time. My favourite go-to treat is by PANA chocolate, their orange and peppermint flavours are to die for! Also, my little daily treat is that I LOVE to have honey in my cup of tea instead of sugar!

Treat yourself, Chocolate, eating clean, wellness eating



Cut out the Carbonated drinks, Refined Sugars, Artificial ingredients, Processed foods. Stick to this simple yet effective tool, and you will be fine! There are so many foods these days that have two, if not three of the above in, always check the back of your packaging.

9. Create good habits and healthy alternatives.

If you are someone who loves to snack, make sure you have alternatives for things like chips, lollies, and chocolate. You can get much healthier options such as veggie or fruit chips, frozen fruit as lollies (grapes and pineapples are my favourite) and dairy and refined sugar-free chocolate. It’s all out there now, so we have NO excuses!

10. Limit alcohol- IT’S A BIGGIE!

It happens all the time; I hear people say that they have a glass of wine or a beer every night, why? Seriously? Alcohol doesn’t give us a serotonin or endorphin release, and it doesn’t make us feel better from the inside out. There is a saying ‘only drink to make good feelings better, not bad feeling better’ If you drink to try to make yourself feel better when you’re sad it won’t work. Drinking alcohol should be for celebratory reasons, in my opinion, or once or twice a week on a date, or catch up with a friend. Our society takes everything to the next level these days, and alcohol is one of them. It’s also one of the main reasons people FAIL to lose weight.

Honestly, I could go on!

There are many more tips and I am happy to share them with you in the future. Nutrition is one of the areas of our lives that we DO have control over. We don’t have control over our genes, over things that happen in our daily lives, over our relationships or our children, but we can change our health for the better through nutrition. Habit is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t stick to a nutrition plan, make it a habit, and it won’t seem so hard. In reality, it is just as easy to eat a chocolate bar every day as it is to eat a bliss ball. It’s just the action, the habit and the decision making that needs to change. If your health means that much to you, then you will implement the tips, even if it’s taking a small step every day. What we prioritise is what shows up in our lives, so make sure you prioritize your health and your life!

Until then-

Happy Wellness Eating,
The Disco Ninja

The Disco Ninja is one half of the dynamic duo behind Strong Body’s Become a Ninja program. She is one of Australia’s most popular Ninja Warrior Australia competitors and world famous for being the shortest competitor in the world to scale the formidable Warped Wall – which is three times taller than her!