Burn that Belly Fat

Summer is around the corner and it’s time to swap the winter wardrobe for sunnies and swimmers! The Lean and Toned Abs program has launched on the StrongBody App and if you want to enhance your results and make sure that belly fat burns and doesn’t come back, then carry on reading!

Exercise is necessary to reduce fat anywhere on the body but the effects of a good diet alongside exercise can be incalculable. We know that choosing a diet that is right for you isn’t as easy as pressing select on your StrongBody App. Don’t worry we’re not going to leave you to figure it out on your own.


Here are some hot tips to burn belly fat and feel confident in your two-piece this Summer:

Eat Protein Dense Foods:

Not only can foods high in protein reduce cravings by up to 60%, they also help boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite by making you feel fuller for longer. It’s all very good to be getting as much protein in as possible but did you know that there are different quality levels of protein? Protein quality is measured by the balance of its amino acids. It is recommended that on average, men eat 70g – 80g of protein and women 60g – 70g per day however this varies greatly depending on your current weight, your activity levels and your desired outcomes! Your protein intake should sufficiently accommodate for all the necessary cell and tissue repair. There are many free nutrition calculators available online to help you with your exact protein requirements. In the meantime, here are some high protein foods to add to your diet now:


Brown Rice








Cottage cheese

Lentils and Beans

Cut the Carbs

Cutting carbs out of your diet is not only beneficial for shredding but also good for lowering blood glucose levels. Studies have shown that low-carb diets specifically target belly fat and fat around the liver. Now, when we say cut the carbs, we mean the refined carbohydrates, not the complex carbohydrates. Here are some food examples to help you distinguish the difference:

Refined Carbohydrates: Complex Carbohydrates:
White Bread Peas
Pasta and Pizza dough Beans
Pastries Whole Grains
White flour Vegetables
White rice Nuts
Most breakfast cereals Wholewheat bread


No Sugary Drinks or Alcohol

If you really want to get serious about getting rid of excess fat or flab, it’s time to say goodbye to alcohol and sugary drinks. When you consume either one of these you are literally drinking your calories for the day and to be honest probably a lot more than the recommended amount. If you are really hanging for a drink this weekend try a vodka soda or tequila, they have no sugar and fewer calories than beer or wine. That is soda water, not lemonade though!


Until next time,

StrongBody HQ