Top 5 bodyweight exercises to do with your workout buddy

Are you ready for a full-body workout that you can do with your workout buddy or your partner? Working out can be exhilarating! All those endorphins and being able to push your body to the next level; uhh what a feeling, am I right? I understand it can be hard sometimes though to find that motivation.  Here are five of my favourite bodyweight exercises to do with a buddy. Nothing says fun and motivation quite like smashing a good workout with some great company.

1. Resistance Band Drill

It’s time to get a bit of cardio in and warm up. This drill is great for creating awareness of alignment around your pelvic position and posture before jumping into the other bodyweight exercises.


  • Get your workout buddy to place the band around your hips and pull it back as they position themselves into a squat position behind you.
  • Jog on the spot for a minute and a half pushing forward through your hips against the tension in the band as you run. Be aware of your arms and shoulders as you adjust yourself to have a good posture and fluidity in your running technique.
  • Once your 90 seconds is up, swap positions and repeat 3 times each.
  • The beauty of this exercise is the partner holding the band is still staying warm while you are running as they are in squat position, activating the glutes.


2. Twosome Leg Raises

Okay, team, it’s time to work on your stabilisation. These twosome leg raises are going to activate your abdominal muscles and get your core working.


  • Lie head to head and interlock arms.
  • Push your legs and hips up keeping your core strong and legs straight in a synchronized manner. Touch toes and lower back down to the ground.
  • Repeat 30 times with a 15sec rest then another 30.

3. Planking High-Fives

Good thing we worked on our stabilization earlier. This exercise can be a bit challenging to synchronize at first but once you have the technique right you will most definitely feel the burn as it works your whole body; legs, core and arms!


  • Start facing each other in a plank position.
  • Do 30 high-five taps alternating arms, totaling 60 all up.
  • Stop and rest for 15 seconds then repeat.

4. Back Squat

Friendship is all about having each other’s back right? It’s time to get down low and back your mate up! The muscles you will be working here are your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.


  • Start by standing back-to-back and interlock your arms.
  • Slowly lower yourselves into a squat position at the same time and hold for 30 seconds before standing back up.
  • Take a 15-second rest and repeat for a minute.

5. Cossack Stretch

You’re going to need this one after that last exercise. This stretch targets the glutes, hips and quadriceps to ensure you’re not feeling too stiff the next day.


  • Stand with your legs two shoulder widths apart.
  • Lunge down into your left side keeping the right leg straight and lift your toes towards the sky.
  • Sit in this position for 30 seconds or until tender feelings have subsided, then repeat on the other leg.


There you have it! A full-body workout with your best bud!

Happy Training,

Betsy Burnett xx


Betsy Burnett is a 3x Ninja Warrior Australia competitor and tenacious Personal Trainer. Through her collaboration with Josh O’Sullivan, the dynamic duo have developed the ultimate Ninja Warrior program just for you! You can also train with Betsy in her one-off workouts.