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Mark RobinsonDietitian | Body Builder | Fitness Cover Model
Mark Robinson is an accredited dietitian with a master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Science and Psychological Science.
He has achieved the highest ranking in natural bodybuilding fitness. Mark knows what it takes to look good physically and feel amazing mentally, and now you have the opportunity to be your strongest too!
Betsy BurnettNinja Warrior Australia | Personal Trainer
Passion, drive and dedication along with her love for life are attributes which drive Betsy to share her love of fitness with you! Betsy Burnett is a 3x Ninja Warrior Australia competitor and tenacious Personal Trainer. Through her collaboration with Josh O’Sullivan, the dynamic duo have developed the ultimate Ninja Warrior program just for you! You can also train with Betsy in her one-off workouts.
15 Minute HIIT Circuit Training Program
Molly GayPilates and Barre Instructor
USA cheerleader turned fitness influencer, Molly Gay is the epitome of ambition and inspiration. Not only does Molly teach Pilates and Barre but she is also an instructor for Barry’s Australia, teaching the original strength and cardio interval workout.
Five reasons why we love Molly:
1. Her infectious energy!
2. Her love for growing and nurturing her talents in health and fitness.
3. Her dedication to sharing her knowledge with others so they too can become the Strongest version of themselves!
4. Her love for cardio
5. Her passion for Pilates!
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Alex Kierdorf-RobinsonPersonal Trainer | Physiotherapist | Body Building | Fitness Cover Model | Yoga Instructor
Alex is a Swedish Qualified Physiotherapist, Cover Model, Personal Trainer, Professional Group Fitness and Yoga Instructor. She is a firm believer that physical activity is key to a healthy life and is committed to helping with your training needs, nutrition and fitness journey.
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Laura HallsPilates Instructor
Laura Halls is a Pilates instructor and personal trainer based in Sydney, Australia.
Laura specialises in all things HIIT Pilates, which is a form of high-intensity Pilates designed to tone and define the female body. Pilates became Laura’s way of life at the mere age of just ten after she was diagnosed with Scoliosis. With the help of Pilates, Laura was able to recover from her condition, which ignited her passion and determination to help other women feel their strongest.
Ninja Warrior
Josh O'SullivanNinja Warrior Australia | Black Belt holder in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Through adversity comes triumph. Josh had a near-fatal accident at 18 when a knock to the head doing martial arts saw him land in an induced coma for three weeks. Josh spent months in recovery and had to relearn all necessary motor skills like walking, talking and eating.
Strong Body App
Tim RobardsChiropractor | Wellness educator | TV Personality
Tim Robards is an Australian actor, chiropractor, model, and television personality. Approaching health and fitness with a holistic mindset, Tim has developed numerous workout routines and recipe plans to help you MOVE RIGHT, THINK BETTER and EAT SMART. Take up Tim’s 12-minute abs program with the Strong Body App and build your strongest core ever!