What is muscle fatigue?


Muscle fatigue is an exercise-induced decrease in the ability to produce force. Although there are many different classifications of fatigue. Muscle fatigue has a direct relationship to the response to contractile activity. When you exercise your muscles are constantly working in a contracting and decontracting state. When you have muscle fatigue not only is it hard to reach maximum energy output during exercise but it can also feel tiresome to perform everyday tasks.


How to reduce/combat muscle fatigue


Maintaining a well-balanced diet can help you reduce your risk of muscle fatigue. By getting the right nutrients in through vegetables and fruit you will be able to process energy and repair your muscles at a faster rate. Protein is an important factor when talking nutrition, especially when you are new to exercise. Fatigue is your body’s way of adapting to a new fitness regime and can be an indication that you are lacking the correct nutrients in correlation to energy output. If you have increased your workouts or you’re fresh to the fitness world, try a scoop of protein powder in a smoothie or just some milk once you have completed your workout.

Eating Schedule

It is important to not workout on both an empty or full stomach. Your body needs fuel when exerting energy. Try eating a small meal an hour or two before working out. This can be as simple as a banana and some raw nuts.


Staying hydrated throughout the day will keep you feeling full of energy and help your body recovery and rid any toxins. It is recommended to drink 10 – 12 glasses of water a day. Electrolyte enhanced waters are also great after a hard workout, this will replace all the lost electrolytes your body excretes when sweating.


When working out make sure you are breathing correcting. Adequate oxygen is vital to avoid fatigue. When you breathe correctly your body is able to transport more oxygen to your muscles which will also help you avoid injury. If you are getting sore muscles/cramps while you exercise this could be a build-up of lactic acid due to lack of oxygen. If you find that you are struggling to get your breathing right, take 5 – 10 minutes before your workout to do some breathing exercises.


It is important to take 10 minutes to warm up and cool down before and after a workout. This will help your muscles recover faster and ensure that you are not feeling sore come your next workout.


Stay Strong Warriors,