5 ways to get faster fitness results:

1. Find an exercise you love and enjoy:

This will help you stay on track and motivated each week to really push for those results.  Try mixing up your weekly routine with different styles of exercises if you are someone that gets bored easily. Your StrongBody App is perfect for a variety of choice.

2. Train with a friend:

This is one of my favourite ways to stay motivated.  If you use your workout time as a fun and social way to stay fit you will feel more motivated to go. Also, having a friend to train with makes you accountable to each other.

3. Don’t forget about proper nutrition:

Remember your diet contributes to 80% of your overall results. Make sure you are re-fuelling with proper nutrients to help your body recover and give maximum results.

4. Have a rest day:

It is important to take a rest day or a day to do a light walk or stretch.
Let your muscles recover and restore. Don’t overdo it or you will burn out and potentially cause injuries.

5. Track your progress:

Each week track your plank time, pushups or any qualitative measure of exercise that you do.
This will help you stay motivated to keep pushing yourself to improve on your personal best each time.


Bonus advice: Take a before and after pic. It’s always so motivating looking back and seeing how far you have come, this will really inspire you to push to achieve your results. If you have a before and after pic you are proud of, we would love to see it and celebrate with you. Send it through to info@strongbodyapp.com for a feature on our Instagram page.


Until next time StrongBody Warriors,

Laura Halls xx


Laura specialises in all things HIIT Pilates, which is a form of high-intensity Pilates designed to tone and define the body. You can train Laura’s HIIT Pilates program now on your StrongBody App