Rest Between Sets 

When talking about weight training, most of us have many questions on how to get our form right, how heavy our weights should be and how many reps we should be doing. These are all adequate questions but have you ever asked yourself how long you should be resting in between sets? 


The optimum time between sets can be broken down into three main categories. These three categories are determined by what you are trying to achieve from your weight training; strength, muscle growth or stamina. For each specialized program that you implement to achieve your desired goal, you will need to complement it with the right rest period. 


The three main categories you need to be aware of when weight training include:



Hypertrophy is most valuable when looking to build muscle. You would want to do a rep range between 8-12 with a moderate load. For hypertrophy training, it is recommended to rest for two to three minutes in between sets. 



For strength training, you want to focus on lifting heavier weights but with a lower rep range. A 1-5 rep range guide is viable for strength training complemented by two to four minutes rest between sets. 



Muscular endurance training trains your muscles to be able to lift a certain weight for a longer period of time. It is essential to be lifting a lighter weight to start when endurance training with a rep range of 15 or more. For endurance training, you want to be resting for 30 seconds to a minute in between sets. 


Keep in mind that this is a guide. Everyone is different. You can tailor these rest periods to be shorter or longer if need be. For more on weight training advice from our Strong Body Trainers check out “Weight Training Advice From Australia’s Finest Fitness Experts” and follow the Strong Body App Instagram or like us on Facebook.