The must have piece of equipment for everyone.

    If you run, do yoga, gym, play footy, tennis, golf, cricket, netball, NFL, basketball, cycle, skateboard or surf you need a set of Core Flyte.

    Improve your core strength

    The core is one of the most important muscle groups in your body. The stronger your core, the better your rotation, flexibility, functionality and posture. All critical aspects in bring out the best of your athletic ability. The more you can engage your core muscles and get them to fire, the quicker you will get stronger, faster and more mobile. Core Flyte’s use patented Ball Transfer Technology to create Omni-Directional Stability Training. This means that whether you’re holding them stationary for a plank, or rolling them across the floor for a lunge, Core Flytes activate your entire core using secondary and major muscles to stabilise yourself during all forms of exercise.


    Pair of Core Flytes Carrying case Home workout DVD Exercise guide poster Plus FREE online workout videos & online course
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