5 Stretches to Keep You Mobile While In ISO 


Working from home can take a toll on our bodies as we start to prioritize more work over exercising or doing basic stretches. It’s essential while in isolation to be mindful of when to put down your phone and switch off your computer. Putting time aside to do some stretches in little bursts throughout the day can help you clear your mind and redirect your energy to what is important, even when stipulating which tasks need to be completed first for work. It is also important to not overwork yourself. Complete as much work as possible within your dedicated work hours and then when your normal work day is over, stop and get some fresh air or spend time with your family.


Here are five stretches you can do to help you maintain healthy mental well-being while working from home. Each stretch only takes one to two minutes so don’t feel guilty about taking a little time to prioritize them.


  1. Downward dog

Start on all 4s and extend the legs straight and straighten the arms. Push the hips back and neck soft. Try and keep your feet flat on the ground. Feel the stretch up the hamstrings. If needed you can bend your knees slightly.




2. Cat and Cow Stretch

Starting on all fours with hands under the shoulder and neck long. Flex the spine to nod the head down to look at the top of your thighs coming into a rounded position. From there return the body back and lift the head slightly and you drop your hips down and extend the spine.



3. Supine side to side

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Extend your arms out to the sides and keep your shoulders on the mat at all times. Keeping your knees together, drop them down to one side, rotating your torso.

4. Roll Down

Standing tall with shoulders back slowly nod the chin to chest and roll the spine down keeping the knees soft


5. Child’s pose

Start kneeling on the ground and lower the upper body down towards the floor letting the arms relax in front of you. Bring knees out to the side and relax into the stretch.

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