Did you know that the first person to run a sub-four-minute-mile was Englishman Roger Bannister in 1954?


For CENTURIES the sub-four-minute-mile had eluded athletes. People had tried and tried again. Amazing runners had put in years of training, split time strategies and ALL their physical effort to break the 4 minute Mile. No one did – it was ‘impossible’ – until Bannister.

Only 46 days after him came Australian Landy, who ran the mile in 3.57.9.In the year following this feat, 37 athletes ran a sub-four-minute-mile. Two years later, 300 men had achieved ‘the impossible’.

How come all of a sudden 300 men could do it in under 4 minutes, after hundreds of years of men running the English Mile in more than 4 minutes??

New training shoes? Better nutrition? Suitable weather? No.


It was their BELIEF.


They KNEW it was possible! It’s the same reason why world records get broken – and then broken straight away again.

Achieving the results you dream of has just as much to do with your mind as with your physical performance. This week I’d like to encourage you to work with your MIND as well as with your body.

VISUALISE your success, SEE it, KNOW it… Do what you need to do, and let it come from a place of total CONFIDENCE.

Good luck friends!!

Swedish Alex


Swedish Alex is a Yoga Teacher, Group Fitness Instructor, qualified physiotherapist and Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine cover star.  She has a true passion to help and motivate others reach their fitness goals. Train Swedish Alex’s workout program on the Strong Body App now