With so many experts and influencers out there today, it’s hard to keep up with the latest health craze or fitness fad. Here are some of our top tips on how to gain and maintain the strong body you desire:  

Strong Body Training Tips:

Work on your grip at least 4-5 times a week- whether that’s rock climbing, bouldering, or even just 15 minutes of hanging intervals.

Learn how your body moves in as many different ways as possible. Try gymnastics, calisthenics, circus school, parkour, Hiit, yoga, acro yoga etc. Whatever you try you will most definitely learn something about yourself and about how your body moves. This will increase your body awareness which will only benefit you when it comes down to training obstacles for Ninja training or developing your technique in other exercise forms.

Find people who motivate you – sometimes we go through stages of being unmotivated. Make sure you find someone who can hold you accountable. Better yet, find a group of people who are on the same mission as you and want to help you along the way.

Strong Body Nutrition Tips:

Going cold turkey – when giving up something in your nutrition make sure that you really have the willpower for it. If you don’t, then don’t do it – you are only setting yourself up for failure. If you do then go ahead and go cold turkey but don’t forget to give yourself a healthy alternative that satisfies.


Eat everything in moderation. You hear it so often – this is bad for you, that is bad for you. The reality is… everything is going to be bad for you if you eat it in excess. Eat things in moderation and eat them irregularly.

Always carry snacks – wherever you are going, whatever you are doing… always, always pack a snack! You never know where life will take you or where you will end up in your day… pack a snack that you know is healthy and contains a mixture of carbs, proteins and healthy fats such as carrot sticks and peanut butter or a banana and nuts.

Strong Body Mindset and Lifestyle Tips:

Meditate every day – This is one of the biggest things that has helped us in our personal development. Do it first thing – wake up 10 mins earlier if you have to. It will clear your mind, allow you to visualise your goals, visualise your day and be truly grateful for the life you lead.

Balance your time – often everyone wants a piece of you. Make sure you balance your time so that you are able to spend time with family, friends, loved ones and yourself!

Do something you love everyday – this relates to time to yourself. Make sure that you do something that makes your soul soar everyday. Even if its something little like singing your heart out in the car! You wont regret it!

Modern Mowgli & The Disco Ninja

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