10 Tips to maintain work/life balance when working from home

We are currently witnessing a work from home revolution, with a vast majority of Australian companies allowing employees to work from home to ride out the COVID-19 epidemic. Due to the fact that we are also spending a LOT more time in our homes due to travel and social restrictions, we are spending a majority of our waking lives between 4 walls. Separating work, other activities, and responsibilities can be particularly challenging, which is why we have compiled a list of 10 tips to make it a bit easier!

  1. Get up and stretch

  2. Drink lots of water

  3. Swap caffeine for herbal teas like green tea

  4. Have a dedicated work zone space

  5. Be mindful of your snacking habits – draw up a meal schedule

  6. Get out and get some fresh air

  7. Get enough sleep

  8. Have a workout schedule

  9. Watch your alcohol intake

  10. Make sure you prioritize ‘me time’

If you’re waking up and going straight onto your phone, from your phone into an 8-hour workday, and then jumping onto Netflix with dinner before bed, you are accumulating a lot of screen time! Make sure you take regular breaks (aim for a short break at least every two hours).

Don’t forget to enjoy this quiet period as this is a unique opportunity for us to take an introspective stance, and really figure out what we do and do not value. Re-prioritising is extremely important in these times as it will allow you to set new goals that are more aligned with our current reality. Go lie in the yard and read that book you haven’t got to yet, cook a beautiful meal for your loved ones, or pick up a paintbrush! Don’t dwell on what this lockdown has taken from your life, rather concentrate on the opportunities it is offering. And of course, don’t beat yourself up if you’re not kicking your fitness goals. Be kind to yourself, and take this journey day by day.

There are great classes you can do on your StrongBody App to help improve your mental wellbeing. Yoga Flow by Alex-Kierdorf Robinson is highly recommended.