Is your 9-5 causing you backache and feelings of sluggishness? We all know that the money needs to come from somewhere, but this doesn’t mean you have to be in pain when saving for that dream home or long-needed holiday. In this article, we are going to break down key tips and tricks for staying health conscious and motivated in your office environment.

 1.    Prep for Success

Routine and preparation can be key motivational factors to get you feeling on top of life and ready for any bump in the road that might catch you by surprise in your day-to-day living. Just like we were taught at school to pack our bags the night before, try preparing your week in an orderly fashion. No task is to small or organise. Write down your goals for the week every Sunday night and look back on them throughout the week to see if you’re making progress. Pack your bag ready to go to work the night before. This will ensure you will not forget anything and gives you the morning to remember if you did. Meal prepping every Sunday is a great way to ensure you are getting a healthy meal for lunch at work throughout the whole day. The Strong Body App gives great recipes that you can use for your meal prepping. Check out the last bog post on ‘A Week of Wellness’ written by on of our  in-app ninja trainers, Betsy Burnett, on tips for meal prepping and more.

2.    Take Breaks and Drink water

Now, I’m not encouraging you to take long breaks because you might just land up losing your job but taking time to close your eyes for a minute or two and clear your head throughout the day can be hugely beneficial. If you feel like people will judge you, get a reusable water bottle and use the time you take to fill it up as a quick switch off. Drinking lots of water is great to keep you awake and aware. Motivate yourself to drink lots of water, and this will give you little bursts throughout your day to get up and move too. By taking breaks, we mean take your scheduled break too! This means taking time away from your computer screen and your phone, getting some nutritional food in you and maybe even read a few pages of a good novel to keep your mind active.

3.    Stretch it out

Stretching is not going to cure your aches and pains but it will help reduce further damage. Remember it is better to prevent than have to cure! Benefits of stretching include:

·         Greater flexibility

·         Increased blood flow to your muscles

·         Improves your posture

·         Can calm your mind

·         Helps prevent back pain

·         Great for stress relief

The Strong Body App is a fantastic tool to get you motivated with quick stretches and workout routines that you can do on the go or in your home!


Your guide to office health

4. Manage those cravings

I’m sure we can all confess to falling victim to the 11:30 or mid-afternoon cravings. Whether you have a sweet or savoury tooth – one thing is for sure when those cravings hit, we tend to reach for the processed and refined sugar foods. When we fill our body with processed food, we are giving it the right to say, “Go ahead with the mood swings brain!”. You see, when you consume chocolates and chip or other sweets, these foods will directly affect your mood and thought process not just your physique. Your physique is the last thing you should be worried about when indulging in that mid-afternoon chocolate bar. But what can you do to manage those cravings?

It’s all about alternatives! You just need to spend some time doing a bit of research on healthy alternatives. Here are some snack time alternatives to get you started:

·         Bliss balls

There are many recipes on the internet for different flavoured bliss balls to suit your desired taste. The most popular one seems to be the cocoa and chai bliss balls. These are great because not only does it taste like chocolate but is packed with antioxidants from the chia seeds.

·         Mixed nuts and goji berries  

Again, goji berries are packed with antioxidants, and the mixed nuts are packed with essential fats. Don’t worry; these fats are the good ones! They are amazing for your brain function as they contribute to the maintenance of the myelin sheath. The myelin sheath protects your neurotransmitters which transport messages around your brain.

·         A fruit

Sometimes going back to basics is the way to go. Every time you pack fruit into your kid’s lunch box, place one in your bag too. You don’t want to overindulge on sweet fruits though, as even though it has natural sugars, it can still cause a spike in your blood glucose levels. 

·         A healthy muffin

Hello savoury friends! A good old health muffin is a great way to crush those cravings. Remember portion control though – this is just a snack!

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